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Consigning Your Self-Published Book

Self-publishing is becoming more common and we love to support our authors both near and far. We also value authors who send their readers to independent bookstores – you know, the folks who sponsor your community literacy programs, your kiddo’s soccer club, or your drama troupe! Additionally, we are careful to curate the titles we bring into the store to make sure it is of interest to our community and customers.

When you leave your books with us, we will:

  • Place your book for sale (most often in our self-published author section, which is alphabetized by author so your friends and family can easily find it) in our store.
  • We will call you when we need more copies.
  • Issue a check after we’ve sold 3 or more copies, or for the amount sold at the end of the consignment period.
  • Remove your books from sale after 6 months unless it is continuing to sell well and both you and Montana Book Company agree to extend the consignment.

Note: We will contact you at the end of your 6 month consignment period, but it is your responsibility to pick up any unsold books at that time. Any books left beyond the consignment period will be disposed of. We will only pay you for books that are sold. Damaged or stolen items are your sole financial responsibility.

If you would like Montana Book Company Redux to carry your book on consignment, here’s what you must agree to do:

  • Pay Montana Book Company a $5, non-refundable consignment handling fee.
  • Leave between 1 and 3 copies for sale at Montana Book Co.
  • Accept standard 60/40 publishing industry terms.
  • Offer your book at the same retail price throughout all outlets (including copies you might sell yourself).
  • Marketing is solely the responsibility of the author, and Montana Book Company must be included in your marketing and advertising, as well as provide a link on your website, if you have one, to both and
  • At the end of the 6 month consignment, pick up any books that remain understanding that any books left past that time will be disposed of by the bookstore.
  • After your consignment term is over, if you wish to extend it for an additional six months there is another $5 fee.
  • Authors who have sold ten or more copies during the six month period will have the re-consignment fee waived.

Note: Montana Book Company Redux reserves the right to refuse any book offered for consignment deemed unsuitable for sale in the store.

Want to get in touch about consigning after reading and agreeing to the terms above? Awesome. Send us an email at:

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